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Startup lawyers in Montreal | IT lawyers


We perform due diligence on corporate finance and buy-sell transactions. Checks typically include background searches for major shareholders and a review of the company's obligations such as: debts, mortgages / sureties, potential or pending litigation, leases, long-term customer agreements, employment and distribution contracts. , compensation plan and so on. Our team can also help your business prepare for any impending due diligence.

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At Blue HF, we understand what it takes and what is needed for start-ups. We offer a step-by-step approach according to your legal needs and we only suggest what we think is necessary for your company depending on your stage of development. So you can be functional without spending too much money on legal fees.

If you are interested in applying for our startup program, please complete the questionnaire. Our starter package is only available to a limited number of selected customers.

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