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Montreal business law firm specializing in commercial transactions


We recognize the importance of protecting your technology and know-how, and we can provide you with the legal tools to do so, both inside and outside your organization.
Our range of services includes the drafting, revision and negotiation of the following contracts:

  • License agreements, evaluation / beta tests, SDK licenses

  • Cloud computing services contracts, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS

  • Developer agreements

  • Assignment of intellectual property

  • Hosting agreements

  • Source code escrow agreements

  • Terms and Conditions of Website Use and Privacy Policies

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We have acquired a vast experience in dealing with clients from various industries and jurisdictions, and will be able to accommodate your legal needs.
Our spectrum of services includes the drafting and negotiation of:

  • Service and supply agreements

  • Employment and consulting agreements

  • Referral, reseller and distribution agreements

  • Loan agreements

  • Leases and mortgages

  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements



Dealing with us vs. a bigger firm that “does it all” is a no brainer. We can save you a lot of legal fees by managing your core (legal) business, ie., corporate and commercial law.
For the rest (tax, litigation, labour, trademark/patents, foreign jurisdictions etc.) we have partnered with specialists in boutique firms which share the same vision as us and offer very competitive rates.

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